The purpose of this blog is to share insights into educational issues affecting Jerome Middle School. These could be new teaching strategies; new ways of grading; new ways of holding students accountable; new ways of getting students involved in their learning; or even new ways of getting parents more involved in the events at school. I hope that these posts will help answer some questions about happenings at JMS!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starting a Journey

A couple of weeks ago, our MMGW consultant visited our school. During her two day visit, she assisted in our building's Idaho Instructional Review, and met with our Focus Groups to check progress. On the second day of her visit, when she met with Focus Groups, her schedule wasn't as busy as previous visits - so she and I were able to spend some one-on-one time.

It was during this time, that she shared her PLN on Twitter. "Twitter"?! I thought. I couldn't believe she was promoting a social networking site - I just couldn't imagine "wasting" my time on my iPhone and laptop "tweeting." What she shared with me over the course of the day opened my eyes to a whole new world of professional development. Little did I know what a vast resource she was introducing me to. In addition to Twitter, she also showed me the multiple uses of Google Docs, Diigo.com, and Twitter4teachers.

That evening, I went home and created a profile on Twitter and "followed" Nancy. To my amazement, within minutes (probably more like seconds) she tweeted my tweet and introduced me to a world of fabulous educators. She sent me links to lists of "people to follow". In addition, I was able to open some links she had shared with me earlier, and comment on said links. That weekend, I was able to participate in the Live audio conference with Alfie Kohn - quite the eye opener. By listening to Mr. Kohn, and following on Twitter, I was able to find even more fabulous educators to follow.

I now have a Twitter, Diigo.com, and ning account (educator PLN). With the diigo account, I bookmark great sites I find when tweeting - that I later share with staff in my building. By joining the Educator PLN on ning, I learned of edchat. I have been able to participate in two edchats, and one onecom chat. I would say that I have been able to get more professional development in the last two weeks, than I have in the last six months (and it is FREE)! :)

I am getting "teased" by my staff members for "tweeting" - they are sure they have lost me to some virtual world. But, as I share the gems and tidbits I learn when I tweet, the teasing is turning to "where do you find this stuff?" I have to thank Nancy Blair for sparking my interest, and encouraging me when I started. I just hope that I can contribute to this web 2.0 world as much as I am learning.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! I found all of this stuff about 6 weeks ago. Isn't it amazing??

    I don't know if you were able to see this post I did a few weeks ago. It got some pretty good responses. Check it out if you get the chance...share it too with your staff. I believe a lot of us teachers were like you (and me)...Twitter? Are you kidding me??

    Check out the post: http://wp.me/pN3x8-1K

  2. Welcome to the amazing learning world that you have described. I too was very apprehensive about Twittering. My staff made fun of me also (for various reasons). They are beginning to Twitter as well and a wonderful conversation has begun. I look forward to reading your blog and learning from you!