The purpose of this blog is to share insights into educational issues affecting Jerome Middle School. These could be new teaching strategies; new ways of grading; new ways of holding students accountable; new ways of getting students involved in their learning; or even new ways of getting parents more involved in the events at school. I hope that these posts will help answer some questions about happenings at JMS!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

JMS Students of the Month - September

The motto of Jerome Middle School is "Effort, Pride, and Respect."  Effort - Do your best at all times; be there and be ready!  Pride - Your actions say who you are! Respect - Give it to get it!  Each month, our teams choose two students who are not only following our motto, they are living our motto.  Examples of what these students do to "live" our motto are:  Come with a positive attitude everyday, participate in class, willing to help others, and are very respectful and kind to both teachers and peers.  These students don't even need to be asked to help someone!  They demonstrate excellent citizenship.

Students of the Month for September are:  Karlie Embretson, Agustin Lopez, Helen Diaz Gomez, Eulogio Figueroa, Lori Agueda, Colten Craig, Jacqueline Martinez, Jacob Crofts, Rory Olsen, Mia Garcia, Carlos Noriega, Brooklyn Jackson, and Isabel Dolcini.